• Dates to remember


    February 18, 2019 @ 6pm in Nettleton Upper Elementary Auditorium



    February 26



    February 27, 3:15-5:00 pm Coed Partner Stunt Clinic (guys only) @NPS Gym
    February 28, 3:15-5:30 pm High School Gym (all girls and guys) @NPS Gym
    March 1, 3:15-5:30 pm High School Gym (all girls and guys) @NPS Gym



    March 2, 8:00 am @ Nettleton Primary School Gym 



    March 3, 4:00 pm @High School Library



    March 4, 3:00 pm @ High School Library



    (MANDATORY for both squads)

    June 1-4 Gulf Shores, AL @ The Beach Club Resort



    (MANDATORY for Competition Squad only!)

    July 22 and July 23 Saltillo, MS @ Spirit Authority Athletics



  • 2018-2019 Cheerleading Tryout Information

    Tryouts will be conducted at the Nettleton Primary School gym on Saturday, March 2 at 8:00 am. There will be a Co-ed Partner Stunt clinic day on February 27 for male candidates only from 3:15-5:00. There is also a two-day mandatory clinic for all males and females on Thursday and Friday, February 28 and March 1 in the Nettleton Primary School gym from 3:15 - 5:30. You must attend your specific clinic days in order to be an eligible candidate for tryouts.


    All completed forms and money need to be turned in to Mrs. Jolly before Tuesday, February 26 in order to attend tryout clinics. Do not turn in things separately.


    This includes:

    Tryout packet signed and completed:

    Parental release

    Medical release

    Participation Form

    Concussion Form

    $25 tryout fee



    The female candidates will learn the same chant, cheer, and dance. The cheer, jumps, and tumbling skills will be performed individually, while the chant and dance will be performed in a randomly selected group. Guys will not perform the dance at tryouts, instead they will showcase THREE co-ed partner stunt skills. All candidates will be responsible for their own entrance, tumbling skills, jump skills, as well as their display of spirit. The instructor for the clinic will NOT be allowed to help you outside of the clinics in ANY way.


    There will be no videotaping any part of the clinic.  No one is allowed to watch clinics or tryouts except for the judges, school personnel, and the instructor of the clinic. Breaking any of these rules will disqualify you from trying out for NHS cheerleader. The candidate must be present at school and clinics each day in order to be an eligible candidate for tryouts.


    Extra points are given for tumbling ability. Please do not let this discourage you from trying out if you are unable to tumble. If you do have tumbling skills, you will be able to showcase these to the judges at tryouts. Extra points for tumbling WILL NOT be given for the following skills: forward roll, backbend, cartwheel, and/or roundoff alone.


    Make sure to have transportation to pick you up after clinics PROMPTLY at 5:30 pm each day. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Every year there are always some parents consistently late, please do not let this happen


    For each day of the clinic, the candidates may wear practice clothes of their choice.  For the day of the tryouts, everyone must dress in a plain white t-shirt or tank with black shorts and tennis shoes. Logos are not allowed on tryout clothing. Hair must be pulled off the face. Candidates must not wear jewelry.


    A candidate for the cheerleading squad may show a video of his/her performance for the judges only if he/she is incapable of required physical activity. The coach must receive a doctor’s note the day after the injury or the first day of the clinic and must state the reason(s) for the inability to tryout. The medical doctor’s note must indicate the specific skill the student is incapable of performing as well as any limitations associated with the injury. The video to be shown must be approved by the coach, should be no more than three to six months old, and cannot exhibit a skill that the cheerleader will no longer be able to perform. The final determination of eligibility to tryout using a video will be at the coach’s discretion. The video will be judged using the same criteria as candidates without injury.


    Once you have finished trying out, you will need to have a ride waiting to pick you up from campus. You will not be allowed back in the tryout area. After the conclusion of tryouts, the building principal and athletic director will examine the scores. There will not be a set number for either squad prior to tryouts. Squad results will be determined by the natural break only! The results of the sideline squad and competition squad will both be posted online, located under the NHS Cheerleading Tab, as well as the front door of the high school building later in the afternoon of tryout day.


    **The coach DOES NOT have any say in the selection of members for the squad.**  


    In order to be selected as Captain and Co-Captain for either squad, a cheerleader must be of Junior or Senior class rankings for the upcoming year. The Junior or Senior cheerleader with the higest tryout score will be selected as the Captain and the Junior or Senior cheerleader with the second highest tryout score will be selected as Co-captain. This will remain true even with the competition squad. Both will be announced at the first practice. The Captains and Co-Captains can be removed from their position for conduct that occurs on or off campus that is detrimental to the school or squad, as determined by the coach. 


    Tryout Eligibility

    In order to tryout for cheerleader at Nettleton High School each candidate must:

    Currently be enrolled at Nettleton Junior High School (for 8th graders only) or Nettleton High School (grades 9-11).

    Pay $25; Cash or Money order ONLY by February 26.  This will pay for the cost of teaching the clinic, the judges’ fees, and any other cost encountered at tryouts.

    Each candidate will need an up to date physical/medical release from a physician. Most doctors or care clinics have a standard athletic participation form. The physical MUST be turned in NO LATER than February 26th. You will not be able to participate in clinics without a medical relase.

    Each candidate and parent/guardian will need to sign the parental permission that states the candidate has permission to tryout and that all rules, regulations, and financial obligations have been read and are agreed upon by the parent/guardian AND the candidate before trying out to be an NHS cheerleader, as well as the participation in sports form and concussion information form. Everyone involved needs to understand the rules, regulations, costs, responsibilities, and risk of injury before agreeing to tryout.

    All forms in the tryout packet must be turned in completed by February 26.

    If you were dismissed from one of the cheerleading squads/quit the previous year, OR are in In School Suspension, Out of School Suspension, or Alternative School the week of tryouts, you will not be an eligible candidate for either team.


    Tryout breakdown:

    Entrance 10 pts

    Chant 15 pts

    Dance 15 pts

    Cheer 30 pts

    Jumps 15 pts

    Optional Tumbling 15 pts