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     Overview Mississippi’s Literacy-Based Promotion Act requires that a student scoring at the lowest achievement level on the 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment be retained in 3rd grade, unless the student meets the good cause exemptions specified in the law. The 2014-15 school year is the first year that a reading test is required for 3rd graders to be promoted to 4th grade.   

    How to Read Your Child’s 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment Student Score Report


    Section A. This section reports your student’s score on the assessment. It also informs you if it is a passing or falling score. Tests are scored on a scale of 600 to 1200. The passing score is 926. 


    Section B. This section lists what students should know and be able to do in order to be ready for 4th grade reading instruction. These are the skills this test measures.


    Section C. This section shows how well your student performed in the four main areas of reading. Each of these areas was measured on a scale of 0 to 99. Detailed descriptions of these four areas are listed on the back of the score report.  


    What Happens if My Child Fails the 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment?

    There will be two retest opportunities for students who fail the 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment. The first retest window is May 18-22, 2015. The second retest opportunity will take place between June 29 and August 7, 2015. Local school districts will set the exact dates of the retests. Students who fail the test after three attempts will be retained in 3rd grade and provided with intensive reading intervention and support. 


    How Do I Know if My Child Qualifies for a Good Cause Exemption? 


    Contact your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher, principal and district superintendent will make this determination. 






    Sample Student Score Report


    MKAS2  3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment


    Printed Wednesday, May 6, 2015 3:45:15 PM


    Test Date: April 21, 2015  9:15 AM


    Test Time: 28 Minutes


    District: Mississippi District


    School: Mississippi School


    Teacher: Mrs. Smith


    Jane’s Scaled Score


    Doe, Jane


    MSIS ID: 123456789


    Grade: 3








    Assessment Results:


    Passing Scaled Score: 926


    Amber’s Scaled Score: 1007


    Test Attempts: 1 of (3)






    (Passing Score)




    A student’s MKAS² 3rd Grade Reading Summative scaled score is a measure of their performance on the test. On another occasion, they might obtain a slightly different score as a result of normal variation; the typical range of such variation is indicated by the standard error of measurement (SEM). The student’s scores on different occasions should be within +/- the standard error of measurement of one another about two-thirds of the time. For more  information about this score report  and SEM, please visit


    Jane meets 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment benchmark.


    When reading grade-level texts, students at the Ready level* can:


                    •           Answer questions, referring explicitly to the text as the basis 
    for the  answer


                    •           Determine the central message, lesson, moral in literary text


                    •           Determine the main idea and recount key details in 
    informational text


                    •           Identify character traits as they relate to the story


                    •           Refer to parts of stories, dramas, and poems using terms 
    such as chapter, scene, and stanza


                    •           Locate information relevant to a given topic using key words, headings, bold print, etc.


                    •           Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills 
    in decoding words: 
    ?? Identify and know the meaning of the most common prefixes and suffixes


                    ?? Decode multi-syllable words




    •           Determine and clarify the meaning of unknown or multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grade 3 reading and content






    Congratulations, Jane, you passed the  MKAS2 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment.


    The second page of this report lists the focus skills assessed on the MKAS² 3rd Grade Reading Summative assessment.




    Reading Standards: Foundational Skills


    Domain scores range from 0-99. 
    The solid diamond represents the student’s domain score and is based on his or her scaled score. The white vertical line represents the domain’s


    Benchmark score and is based on


    the passing scaled score.










    Reading Standards: Informational Text










    Projected Benchmark at each domain level


    Reading Standards: Literature


















    Language Standards


    Domain scores






    *Benchmark projections are based on the students total scaled score.








    *Ready-level students that pass this assessment have the minimum skills needed to learn  4th grade  standards with support.  


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    Focus Skill

    Foundational Skills

    Read grade 3 words,  even when their spellings are unusual (for example: certain, notice)

    Use various ways to understand what is being read, such as slowing down, 
    re-reading, or sounding out a word by using phonics 

    Informational Text

    When reading non-fiction, be able to tell how some events lead to other events

    Tell the topic of what is being read and the main idea in each paragraph

    Use a table of contents, an index, a title, a caption, and other text features to find information


    Ask and answer questions to understand a story better (for example: who, what, where, when, why, and how)

    Find the moral of a story, even if the story comes from another country 
    or culture

    Explain how the characters in a story act when they face a problem 
    (for example: How does the girl in the story solve the problem?)

    Explain how stories, poems, and plays are different


    Use a beginner’s dictionary or dictionary to check the meaning of a word

    Know the different meanings of words that sound the same or that are spelled the same, and use the correct word in context (for example: hear 
    or here)

    Use prefixes, suffixes, or the root of a word to figure out the meaning of a new word (for example, use “view” to understand “review”,  and “preview”)




    For more information regarding the MKAS2 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment, 
    please visit the MKAS? website -




    For parent resources, please visit the literacy website-


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