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Tiger Tales

  • Tiger Ink STaff 2017

    Tiger Tales

    Literary Magazine
    Our magazine birthed in 2006 with a grant secured by Mr. Louis Rowles.  Debbie Schlicht was the advisor for first published magazine.  This literary magazine allows students to shine that write, draw, and take pictures with great talent.  It provides a way for them to shine and gain recognition for their talents.  The literary magazine is entered in the Mississippi Scholastic Press Association's state competition each year to compete with other schools across the state who publish magazines.  
    Editors for Tiger Tales
    2016-17     Morgan Kenney, editor; Jensine Coggin, co-editor
    2015-16     Jazzmine Bogan
    2014-15     Katie Hester
    2013-14     Kendall King
    2012-13     Lauren Delashmit
    2011-12     Emily Guess    
    2010-11     Brody Green & Jade Sullivan
    2009-10     Holly Schlicht
    2008-2009 Niesha Hodges & Shelby Hood
    2007-08     Jake Dye
    2006-07     Jake Dye, Shelby Hood, & Niesha Hodges
    Debbie Schlicht, advisor 2006-2016      Megan Garner 2016-present
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     Tiger Tales 2016    Tiger Tales 2016 
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