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    "Pause Before Play"


    August 1, 2017 Faculty Special    (1 day only)           $40


    August 4, 2017 Back to School Student Special   (1 day only)   $50 w\name


    August 5- September 30, 2017   Online Only        $50


    October 25, 2017  National Buy Your Yearbook Day

    Yearbooks may be bought on campus for $60 which includes name.


    October 26-December 31, 2017   Online or On Campus    $60


    January 1- January 26, 2018    Online or On Campus         $70



    SENIOR ADS 2018

    Senior Ads for 2018 will go on sale on August 28, and continue to be on sale through September 1 or until all are gone. We have a limited amount of pages saved for ads, and we suggest that if you really want one that you get it on the first day of sales. The ad form may be downloaded below. 

    Senior Ads 2018 FormSenior2018



    Yearbook We have extra yearbooks for 2005, 2007, 2016 OR 2017...$50. Get yours today!


    Photos Photo Schedule for 2017-18 School Year


    **August 2            Faculty Photos (Yearbook and ID Badges) 8:00 AM

    **August 9           Fall Sports Pics (6th-after school)   RAMSEY (HS Football, JH Football, JH Cheer, HS Cheer, HS Band, Danceline, Cross                                         Country)

    August 18               Baby Pictures due from Seniors 2018

    **”August 29       Senior Girls’ Composite Photos

    **August 30         Senior Boys’ Composite Photos

    August 29-30          Senior Superlative Election

    August 29-30          Senior Signatures

    **August 31         School Days 4-11

    **September 1     School Days K-3

    September 7          Senior Group Picture 2018

    September 20        Senior Superlative Pictures

    September 27        Class Officers and Favorites (Grades 7-12) Mr/Miss   

                                 NHS and NJHS   (Dress Nicely in dress code)

    **October 6        Homecoming             RAMSEY Tupelo Fair Park

    October TBA          Board of Education, Administration, Special Services

    October TBA          All Club Pictures

    **November 15  Winter Sports Pics      RAMSEY (High School and Junior High Basketball, JH and Beginner Band, Competition Cheer and Basketball Cheer Squads,  Powerlifting, Bowling, Make-up School Days)

    Jan. 30 & Feb. 1   Senior AD Design Nights (Seniors who bought ads will make appointments to design ads with yearbook staff.)

    February 7           Teachers of the Year

    **February 28   Spring Sports Pics      RAMSEY (HS Baseball, JH Baseball, Diamond Girls, Fastpitch, Tennis, Track, Golf, Archery)

    March 22             Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Hall of Fame, Top Ten, Hall of



    #Coaches will need to email Mrs. Schlicht with the number of picture forms that you need for your team before these dates. Please make sure to be ready for these dates. Of course, due to weather, the fall and spring dates could change. Please have all t-shirts and uniforms ordered in time for pics. We are working on deadlines. Thank you ahead of time for your cooperation.

    ** Pictures with Ramsey




    yearbook staff  2017-18 Yearbook Staff

    Trey O'Neal, Editor

    Madison Shumpert, Assistant Editor

    Kaitlin Allen

    Jessica Barrett

    MaryBeth Oliver

    Maleigh Collier

    Millie Mask, Business Manager

    Brianna Chandler

    Challyn Rice

    Taylor Randolph

    Anna Grace Roberson