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    August 3, 2018 Faculty Special    (1 day only)  $40 (deadline 3 pm)


    August 6, 2018 Back to School Student Special   (1 day only)   $50 w\name

    During open house in each building


    August 7, 2018- October 24   Online Only        $50


    October 25, 2018  National Buy Your Yearbook Day (1 day only)

     $60 w\name    


    October 25-December 31, 2018   Online or On Campus    $60


    January 1- January 31, 2019    Online or On Campus     $70




    SENIOR ADS 2018

    Senior Ads for 2019 will go on sale on August 27, and continue to be on sale through September 1 or until all are gone. We have a limited amount of pages saved for ads, and we suggest that if you really want one that you get it on the first day of sales. The ad form may be downloaded below. 




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    Photos Photo Schedule for 2018-19 School Year




    **August 3          Faculty Photos (Yearbook and ID Badges)     8:00 AM

    **August 15        Fall Sports (6th-after school)    RAMSEY (HS Football,

    JH Football, JH Cheer,  HS Cheer, HS Band, Danceline,   Cross Country)

    August 15            Baby Pictures due from Seniors 2019

    **August 28        Senior Girls’ Composites

    **August 29        Senior Boys’ Composites

    August 28-29       Get superlative votes, Jr High Pics, Senior Signatures,

    ` Quotes, Senior Names for Composite Pics (Full Name)

    **August 30        School Day Pics (4-11)

    **August 31        School Day Pics (K-3)

    September 6        Senior Group Pic

    September 13      Senior Superlatives Pics

    October 3            Class Officers/Class Favorites/Mr. & Mrs. NHS & NJHS

    **October 19      Homecoming RAMSEY

    October TBA       Board of Education, Administration, Special Services

    October TBA       All Club Pictures

    **November 13  Winter Sports/Makeup Pic RAMSEY  (HS/JH

    Basketball, JH and Beginner Band Photo, Bowling,


    January 29 & 31  Senior Ad Design Page

    February TBA     Teachers of the Year Photo

    **February 20     Spring Sports Pics (Fastpitch, Baseball

                                Diamond Girls, Archery, Tennis, Powerlifting, Golf)

    March 19             Valedictorian/Salutatorian/Hall of Fame/Top 10


    yearbook staff  2018-19 Yearbook Staff

    Millie Mask- Section Editor

    Challyn Rice-Section Editor

    Maleigh Collier-Section Editor

    Brianna Chandler-Section Editor

     Taylor Randolph

    Anna Grace Roberson

    Keirstin Clark

    Blake Williamson

    Eli White

    Emma Mask

    Viviann Housley

    Kelley Peters