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2016-17 NHS Academic Award Recipients

Academic Honors Revealed at NHS

Congratulations to these students. Your hard work throughout high school brought rewards. Yearbook pictures will be made tomorrow during Tiger Time. Val, Sal, and Top Ten GPA may submit a senior photo by tomorrow, or we can make your picture when we do the Hall of Fame picture. Please dress nicely, and according to dress code.

Top Ten GPA
1. Jensine Coggin, Valedictorian
2. J’mya Wells, Salutatorian
3. McKinzee Sullivan
4. Anna-Claire Pannell
5. Chekeiryes Young
6. Lauren Hall
7. Amber Evans
8. Katie Guess
9. Kyland Berry
10. Lakyn Donaldson

Hall of Fame
1. Jensine Coggin
2. J’mya Wells
3. Chekeiryes Young
4. Lauren Hall
5. Kylie Leach

Star Student
Mckinzee Sullivan

Star Teacher
Kenya Topps